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Yes, GDPR is nearly here! Which means some changes to your updates from this, the Zapnito Network. Another must-read for Zapnito customers.

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May 15, 2018
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You may have noticed that, if you are a member of the Customer group on the Zapnito Network, you get notified whenever anyone creates content. The 'notification on all content' ability was applied to the Customer group to ensure you don't miss important platform development announcements. 

This ability is normally only given to admins to ensure they don't miss any content created on their Zapnito site and it's not really in the spirit of GDPR. 

No more automatic content notifications...

Therefore, after I have published this post, I will be removing this ability from the Customer group and the only time you will be notified of any content published to the Zapnito site will be if you follow the user that created the content. So, if you don't want to miss any Zapnito news, follow me and the rest of the team without delay!

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And no more weekly digest

What's more, unless you specifically opt in, after May 25, you will no longer receive the Zapnito weekly digest. We will send you up to three emails to remind you to check your email preferences and opt in to the weekly digest. But, why wait?

Click here to update your notification preferences now!

We hope you decide to stay in touch!

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Jen Thoroughgood

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