Disco balls, awards, digital transformation, soft skills and shorts...

Some stories that have caught my eye this week.

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Jun 30, 2017
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Another week, another media awards... a big one though: the 36th annual PPA Awards last night. Thanks to our partner Merit for my invitation! Some great examples of innovation awarded at the event. Check out the winners to see for yourself. (Nice to see Zapnito clients Centaur awarded and the Institution of Engineering and Technology shortlisted btw!)

 Are you listening?

An interesting study was published in HBR recently, which debunks some of the principles many of us were taught on traditional sales and leadership training courses: 'What great listeners actually do'

Disco balls 

A great blog on getting the most from your tech vendor: 'Management error vendors love'

Next-gen digital transformation  

Marketing Week discusses: 'how to overcome the challenges of digital transformation'

Too short or not too short?

Although it’s a bit cooler at Zapnito Towers in Shoreditch this week, this one caught my attention from Business Insider... Let’s hope the UK won’t have to wait another year to test the theory again.. 'Can men wear shorts to work?'

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