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A few stories on future-proofing.

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Jun 16, 2017
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More survival guides

After last week's 'Post Truth Survival Guide' from the OECD, I found another! I’ve recently met a tonne of folks going to Cannes Lions next week - some veterans some newbies - and either way Digiday have done a nice guide to making it a success: 'Cannes Survival Guide'

Coke drops the CMO position - what could that mean for senior marketers elsewhere?

MarketingProfs give their insight: 'Coke Drops CMO Role - 5 lessons to learn'

Media brands continue to adapt to drive revenue

Marketing Week looks at how media brands are changing: 'Media brands change tactics

And finally another piece from Marketing Week written by the ever cutting and insightful Mark Ritson - title speaks for itself - an interesting read! 'Why can’t marketers see that digital metrics are bullsh*t'

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Fergus Gregory

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I have 15 years' experience in commercial publishing businesses driving revenue and profit growth, specialising in advertising, event sponsorship and marketing-services funded models. Father to four kids and husband to an amazing wife, I made it to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, sold many solutions, solved many problems, learned from many mistakes. I've collaborated with many wonderful people and seen many wonderful places, for all these experiences I am forever grateful.

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